Reading Area

During reading time, we help children develop a love for reading and we encourage them to pick up a broad range of books and authors – so they can gain a balanced view of the world. When it’s our time to read to them, children learn how to listen and get even more comfortable with words and language.

Maths Area

Through play, our children explore numbers, counting, matching objects and shapes, and they get to explore working with calculators, shape jigsaws, the abacus and much more.

Being Imaginative

In our progressively AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered world, it will be your child’s creative spirit and imagination, that sets them apart and gives them the best chance of success. We help nurture your child’s imagination through music, dance, pretend, dress-up, role-play, cooking etc. This helps children get comfortable with their own thoughts and feelings, so they can come up with their own ideas.

Creation station

In our creation station, children get to work with a variety of materials, tools and techniques and experiment with colour, design, texture, form and function - to give them the confidence to make things with their hands. They’re encouraged to become more creative and independent, and come up with new ideas based on their own personal experiences.

Sand play

When children get their hands on sand, it lights up a part of the brain that gets their imaginations flying. You can see it in all of the unique sandcastles and shapes they make.

Water play

Through playing with water, children explore the critical concepts of big/small, more/less, while having fun pouring, filling, and emptying.

Digging Area

In our digging area, children get to practice those all-important walking, running, sitting and crawling skills. They also learn those most English of courtesies – to politely wait their turn and to share!

Mud Kitchen

In the mud kitchen, children not only get to develop their mixing skills, they get to make mud pie, mud cake, mud soup or whatever muddy concoction their imagination leads them.

We treat your children as our own

Moxley Tots is a home away from home for your little ones – providing funded childcare for 2, 3 & 4 year olds (up to 15 hours a week).